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USA based businesses

  • You are a profit oriented decision-maker in your business.

  • You already have a sales process & traffic flowing to your offer.

  • Your sales funnel already exists + you have sold the offer successfully.

  • You want to enroll more paid customers and can handle more people paying you right now.

  • You have are laser-focused on doing whatever it takes to attract high-value customers to your offer and deliver a good offer.

  • You are currently promoting an offer, program, or package where clients pay you at least $2,000- $20,000 (per transaction) to sign up for your offer.

  • You are interested in adding a plug & play system to convert at least 10%-30% more sales.

  • You hate wasting time and expenses on low ROI paid ads or generating endless organic content.

  • You are ready to invest $5,000 to $25,000 within the next 24 to 48 hours to get our funding solutions working for your company’s business growth.

  • You have the mindset and authority to say “YES” to additional cash flow in your business while lowering the risk of client refunds or chargebacks.

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