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Individual business inquiries can be answered in detail during the brief

2 step application process.

Existing USA business owners who have a high-quality service, offer, or promotion where the one-time fee is $2,000-$20,000 per transaction. Your business is already getting sales and your bank account has the capacity to receive additional buyers. You are open to providing flexible financing options so you can improve your cash flow. As the decision-maker, you are ready to reduce the hidden risk your sales process is creating by leaking money each month.

HOT buyers have likely seen your ads, consumed your organic content, watched a webinar, checked out your website, listened to a podcast, read a few social media posts, compared you to a competitor, spoken to a sales rep, shared the info with a partner, and probably done a bit of research on your business… Whew.. they are qualified, they know they want to buy, and are ready to move forward… BUT, by the time they have to pull out the money, the biggest sales objection usually comes down to the money. This opportunity helps you remove all money objections. There is a clear path to pay and move forward with your offer.70% of sales are sometimes lost because of the money. We help you dramatically increase the sales closing rate without driving new traffic. Your cost per acquisition is reduced and virtually all risk of chargeback and refunds is eliminated. Your business gets a boost of new cash flow without extra effort.

Payments go directly to your business bank account 2-3 business days after the payment is received from the buyer. Typical timeframe for funds processing is in place for most major financial institutions to process payments (observing banking holidays and weekends).

They want to buy from you. One Click Close is simply the fastest way buyers can pay you through online payment options while guaranteeing that you receive all your fees without the risk of refunds or chargebacks.

Hight Ticket Sales teams LOVE this platform in their tool kit. True high ticket sales closers want to enroll people without having to reduce the offer price. The business and closer NEVER want to offer discounts if they can avoid it. Now your closer can confidently close more sales and guarantee your program fees without offering discounts. In fact, many of our members RAISE their program prices once they see the power of how this financing can work to increase profits. We share immediate ways your sales team can increase their commissions and have One Click Close do most of the heavy lifting.

One Click Close is meant for entrepreneurs who KNOW they can benefit from converting more sales with their existing traffic and audience. If you do not have an offer, we recommend you join our coaching program which shows you how to prepare your high ticket offer to launch. You will get access to all the content and resources to take launch and add an additional 7 or 8 figures to your business model when launching.

No they do not. Perfect credit scores or hard credit pulls are not needed. In fact, our most popular One Click Close platform was structured so you can offer transactions $20k and below without reviewing the buyer’s credit scores. You are able to promote your sales offers knowing that your prospective buyers can get immediate approval. The HOT buyer is interested in buying and looking straight at the buy button.

They are ready to click to enroll in your program. Once you start using the One Click Close platform, your buyers can focus on the only next step that matters. They buy from you without any sales objections. We keep them on the website, they do not need to get approved for more credit cards, and there is no need for them to speak to a 3rd party for payment options. Your business immediately sees sales from buyers who would have normally left and never bought.

You will get your Welcome Package immediately emailed to you. The Welcome Package contains a checklist of everything our team needs to get you up and running within 48 hours. You will also get Login Credentials to access your Client Portal to begin the Onboarding Process. Once the Onboarding Process is complete, you will receive permissions to join weekly Q&A Office Hours and Business Strategy Sessions. You can start implementing strategies commonly used by 7 & 8 Figure Businesses to help boost sales within the first 24 hours after the initial Onboarding is complete. The Business Development program and platform remain accessible to you as long as you are a paid active member on the available plans. Pricing is subject to change.

We select companies that offer high-ticket offers $2,000 + per transaction. Examples: Professional Services, Coaching programs, Consultants, Course Creators, Health & Wellness Professionals, Live Events, MasterMinds, Medical Professionals, Retreats, Subject Matter Experts, Webinar Offers, Virtual Summits.

Restricted Industries Unable to Participate: Alcohol, Adult & Sexual Content, Banned Substances, Counterfeit Goods, Crypto Currency, Firearms, Gambling & Games, Illegal Trades, Misrepresented Offers, Political Content, Misc etc.

No Catch!… You are a successful business positioned to offer a quality product or service to a hungry buyer audience. We help you make more revenue, decrease expenses, and serve your customers. Success can be simple. We give access to fiance strategies and options which are a normal part of scalable & credible businesses.

This is only for companies and entrepereneurs based in the USA. The program is not for entities outside of the USA.

Of course, you can always take cash payments from buyers who are ready. Most businesses also want to find a way to help buyers in multiple ways without discounting their offer. The solution is to offer financing as an additional option. The direct benefit is you now have additional finance options to make more sales and enroll people who are not in a position or prefer not to pay cash. You still have funds that are less risky than traditional payment plans out there.

The good thing about tech is that it works 24/7 and relieves a lot of manual responsibilities. After you send in your business onboarding, you can focus on your business and serving your customers. We manage the platform so you do not need to. As a Platinum mebers, you have access to an Account Manager to assist with special offers and product launches. This tends to be the case with webinars, virtual summit and live event launches. Our team with assist platinum members with testing and quality control during peak events.

This program is not Free and will never be Free. Our team of finance, marketing, fintech, and strategy experts are career professionals who already run 8 Figure strategies. Access to the program is an investment that replaces at least 3-4 areas of wasted expense most businesses are currently leaking. You are welcome to apply with full understanding that this is not a Low-Ticket offer. Accepted participation ranges start at $5,000 – $25,000 depending on the level of access you choose. The investment is typically covered by JUST 1 new client joining your program. You can enroll as many clients as you want and see your business profits skyrocket without being charged anything additional.

EVERYONE interested the program starts by filling in the brief application and advancing in the selection process. Not everyone (or their business) is a fit. This is also NOT for any of the following people:

  • Scammers

  • Complainers

  • Anyone grounded in a negative mindset

  • Anyone who does not take action in their own business

  • Anyone not willing to implement the simple steps asked in a timely manner for success

  • Anyone who has a bad service/ offer/ program that does more harm than good for their buyers

  • Anyone that is not fulfilling their offers with their past customers (already getting lots of refunds or complaints)

  • Those needing “Done For Your” custom work outside of the scope of this Business Development Program

  • Anyone that plans to abuse the program and try to clone our hard work or expertise. Non-Disclosure Agreements are signed before access is allowed

Your business partner must be running the exact same offer that is onboarded into your Business Development program. Members wanting to add other parties who are not part of the business will be removed from the program for violating Terms of Service (NO REFUNDS). We do offer an affiliate program where EXISTING members can share the opportunity with others and receive incentives. Please inquire about acceptance into the affiliate program. With the amount of income the program helps generate, you can help others benefit.

This Business Development program allows access to multiple sales strategies and a proprietary fintech platform to help you increase your sales conversion. While we do not offer enrollment payment plans, there are membership levels, each with increasing benefits. When you are ready to level up and the upgrades payment is processed, your business will have immediate access to additional features and sales conversion boosters. Prices are subject to change. Initial investments are only for the level at which you join. DO NOT “assume” that any investment already paid is automatically credited towards any future upgrades.

No, we do not offer refunds. If refunding is a major concern for any stage of your business growth. please DO NOT apply, inquire, or move forward. This is meant for those ready, willing, and able to improve their profit goals. Leaving the program is like throwing money away. We do not work well with clients who intend to waste time or throw money away. Its best for everyone involved this way.

No. The Business Development program is not set up for coaching or profiding fintech services for students or non-profit agencies.

Monthly membership fees are outside of the 1x initial enrollment fee. Depending on your membership level, monthly fees can range from $500/month – $1000/month. Membership is less than 10% of what it would cost you to recruit and hire our team of full-stack tech developers, finance executives, marketing strategists, direct response copywriters, and sales closers.

How fast do you want to see results? The fastest client success was within 5 minutes of them implementing the program. Once onboarded you get immediate access to a series of tools that can increase sales within 24 hours of your first HOT PROSPECT. The main platform is installed within a few days of you providing all the business assets needed. This program helps converting more sales for your buyer traffic. You can/ should improve your offer based on your business goals.. this program just helps you convert more.

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