HOT buyers have likely seen your ads, consumed your organic content, watched a webinar, checked out your website, listened to a podcast, read a few social media posts, compared you to a competitor, spoken to a sales rep, shared the info with a partner, and probably done a bit of research on your business… Whew.. they are qualified, they know they want to buy, and are ready to move forward…

BUT, by the time they have to pull out the money, the biggest sales objection usually comes down to the money.

Enter One Click Close

The reason your prospects didn't buy was because they're thinking about how this purchase will impact their finances, their time, and their lifestyle. But what if there was a way to make it easier for them to make a purchase?


Perfect credit scores or hard credit pulls are not needed. In fact, our most popular One Click Close platform was structured so you can offer transactions $20k and below without reviewing the buyer’s credit scores. You are able to promote your sales offers knowing that your prospective buyers can get immediate approval. The HOT buyer is interested in buying and looking straight at the buy button.


They are ready to click to enroll in your program. Once you start using the One Click Close platform, your buyers can focus on the only next step that matters. They buy from you without any sales objections. We keep them on the website, they do not need to get approved for more credit cards, and there is no need for them to speak to a 3rd party for payment options. Your business immediately sees sales from buyers who would have normally left and never bought.

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